What people are saying about Vintage Pain:


Rocky Pinciotti, Gallery Director, Delaware Valley Arts Alliance


"Great show. I love the installation and all of your pieces. There were a lot of compliments on the work. Thanks for making the gallery look like it never has before. Beautiful art. You should be beaming. The gallery thanks you .... Again."


DVAA Gallery Visitors


“Your show is really great. I love the simplicity with which you tell a life story. Your art creates a strong, irreducible narrative about important moments in life, in lives -- moments we can all share.”


“We had a private showing all by ourselves in the gallery, which I think your show really deserves…to reflect on your text combined with the vignettes. I found your pieces very honest and touching. Not all art does that by a long shot! It was personal and universal at the same time. Congrats on a fine show.”


“Your illustration of these turnings is poignantly and humorously rendered. Love the set pieces: the plastic dolls and minimal accoutrements set against the handmade wooden boxes and pedestals, and especially loved the presence of the dogs! Thank you for an honest and refreshing show.”


“I just love your piece. Really wonderful, one-of-a-kind, eccentric and brilliant only-by-sally installation.”


“That was a great exhibit, congrats! Some of it was quite spooky, and very evocative of my childhood. I think it was indeed a universal message. And very well done. You had me hooked from that first little Victorian book about behaving.”


“My partner and I had the pleasure to attend the DVAA opening of your brilliant installation, VINTAGE PAIN. Simply, thank you for your beautiful works of art. We are eager to see what else you will produce and what kind of journey you will create for your next series. Brava!”


“I found the show very intriguing and dream like. It had many reverberations for me. I will see it again.”


“I loved your show!”


“Saw your show and loved it! Really. Very original, and brave, and intelligent. Congratulations!”



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